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              Welcome to this section of stories that have been written by people who have had spiritual experiences and want to share them with everybody.  I have heard many stories from lots of people. So I decided that I would make a section where these can  be shared. I have not changed their words in anyway. 

              Hopefully these will help others and allow them to share stories that they have experienced. If you want to do this please email me with your story and I will read them through and put them on my site.








          What started as a dream, has become so much more.  James died on Saturday 11/12/2005.   He was pronounced dead at 3:41pm...  I thought that my life with James was over, but that is so far from the truth.  James had this 6th sense that used to amaze me.  He knew things and would always try to get me to learn them.  I would wake up in the middle of the night and he would be staring at the walls.  I could feel this presence with us.  He always asked me if I "could feel it too?"  I could and told him yes.  He knew he was not going to live to be old, he was only 39 when he died, and he used to tell me that he wanted me to get used to being alone.  I used to think that it was because he was going on a trip for work, or ???  I NEVER thought that it could possibly be because he KNEW that his life was near its end.  I now believe that it was James trying to prepare me for all that has happened since he died.   

          James presence has been with me since he left his physical body.  The first few nights after James died, there was a chill in the house that I could not overcome.  I saw the blinds waving from the winds and the windows were not open.  I knew that James was still in the house with me and was worried that he would be Earth Bound.  I often smelled James, not cologne, but his smell when he died.  I found comfort in it and realized that he was right next to me. 

          One month and 11 days after James died I had a dream that James was alive.  He and I were in a house in a bedroom watching tv.  There were other people in the house that I did NOT recognize.  I know that this was a dream.  The very next night was my first of many visits.  I thought that I was dreaming, but quickly realized that I was awake, in a state more like a cloud covering my eyes.  James was beautiful as he walked down the hall and hugged me.  I remember my first question to James was "I thought that you were dead?"  He answered, "I am".  I didn't believe it, but knew in my heart that he was telling the truth.  We proceeded our conversation with me asking him if he had wanted to die?  "NO," it was such a definite NO that when thinking about it I can still hear his voice.  He then told me how he died and that he was ALWAYS going to be with me.  So far this is true.  We (the family) didn't know why James had died, so I asked for an autopsy to be done.  Everything that James told me on his first visit was written in the autopsy.  I did not receive the autopsy report until nearly 3 months after he died.

          Since this first visit, James has been with me.  I hear him call my name and often feel his touch on my hand.  I had asked him to show me a sign so that I would always know that it was "my James" with me.  He often has other "friends" with him and I have been able to pass along messages to others who are grieving, from the loss of their loved ones.  It amazes me that James is so active on the other side.  His energy has calmed quite a bit from when he first died.  I remember when I got a roommate, I literally felt James lay his whole body over mine that first night.  His energy was so strong that I had a hard time breathing.  I know that he was just trying to protect me.  In life he was very protective of those he loved, so I knew he would be the same in death.  I know that for at least the first month he was Earth Bound and always at my side.  Some days I could feel his energy and the weight and the sadness inside of him.  I still feel sadness from time to time, but it is more from others than from James. 

          I had many thoughts of things that James had done while he was alive.  I could feel how sorry he was and how he wanted us to know that he felt bad.  The thoughts were like a movie in my mind.  I would close my eyes and watch it roll.  Knowing that if I forgave him, he would be able to move on, I had a ritual of lighting a candle, and telling James "I know you are sorry baby, I forgive you."  He also had to have my mother tell him that she forgave him.  When we asked her to do this she thought we were kidding..  She had NO idea of what needed to be forgiven, neither did I, I just knew it had to be done.  She leaned over his coffin and said "I forgive you James" and I could feel his energy soften.  Every time I was able to forgive him, even for the petty things that we all are guilty of, I could feel him lighten up. 

          Shortly after the visits, the OBE's started..  I have NOT "mastered" these yet, as I am terrified of heights and every time I feel myself being lifted higher and higher I try to touch the ground with my foot.  I love the fast feeling of taking off, but I am still not used to the height thing.  I know that I have others with me as I am flying through the roof and into the night, but usually can not see a face, except for James.  It is always his face that I look for, as I know that with him, I am safe.

          My best friend, Jeanna has had many visits from James as well.  Jeanna is psychic and I always knew this, so it did not surprise me that James went to her first to let me know that he was alright.  He sent me a sign by putting a "Hunter Green" scarf around my neck.  I knew it was him for he was buried in a "Hunter Green" casket and it was his favourite colour.  I often feel and hear James helping to guide me along my life.  I know that he will always be here when I need him most.  When I am my saddest, the phone will ring, usually it is Jeanna....  We end up talking for hours. 

          I knew when I was younger that I had some kind of psychic sense as I had a neighbour that had killed himself.  Shortly after his death, I woke up to him sitting on the end of my bed.  He was smiling at me for what seemed an hour, which was really just seconds.  I knew that it was his way of telling me "I am alright"...  I knew from that point forward that I would have some psychic connections in my future.  I often get calls from my mother to tell me something and before she can speak, I know exactly what she is going to tell me and vice versa.  I feel that these abilities are coming from my mothers side.  I also have this same connection with Jeanna.  It is this incredible connection and we can feel each other in pain, only to call and say, "what's going on??" 

          For a while after James died, I did not try to even think, much less practice my abilities, but now I know that I am ready and that James is asking me to do this for it will help my soul to grow.  I know that I have 2 guides that are helping me to develop my gifts.  Julia and James (not my James) are the two that I am aware of.  I am reading everything and asking so many questions from others that have psychic gifts.  I want to be sure that I am right when I am relaying messages.  Of course I know little about these people that I have been able to communicate for and to.  I always am amazed at how accurate things are that I get.

          A few months back I rode through this intersection and felt like someone was trying to pull my body from the car.  I could hear these little cries and screams.  When I got to work I looked online and sure enough, over the weekend there were 4 people killed at this intersection.  I then allow myself to listen, feel and hear what they were trying to ask of me.  One of the little girls had asked me to tell her sister "not to worry, they were all ok"....  Her sister had survived the crash and I was able to find her and relay this message.  She told me that she knew that she was going to get a message; she just did NOT know that it would be that soon.

          I know that the fog I used to walk around in, post James death is lifting so quickly now and I am able to feel and hear what I am suppose to be listening for.  I love this gift and hope to be able to better develop it.  Unfortunately down here in Palm Beach, FL, there are not many groups or studies to join.  If I could find one I would definitely go and join. 

          I used to think that I could wait for tomorrow for the things that I KNEW needed my immediate attention.  Now I KNOW that these things cannot wait.  I need to do it now.  I found amazing information online.  I also made wonderful connections and friendships with people that prior to James I did not know.  I am learning so very much and know that I am on the verge of something big here.  I feel like I am just where I am supposed to be today.  I never felt like this before.  I never felt that my life needed so much, but it does. 

          I have journals that I write all of my visits and feelings into.  I always want to make sure that I do NOT forget things that I KNOW I am suppose to be remembering.  I am meditating and growing and learning.  This is all that I can do for now.  I hope and pray that the things I have gone through can help others some day.  I have a many messages written down, some of the things have already come to pass, others are still to come.  I just know now that I am not alone and that James, although he is no longer here in flesh, he is here in spirit.


                                               Hugs to all,









          It all started upstairs with my daughter Danielle playing with her toys, I could hear her talking to her dolls,  Then she came running down the stairs crying as she had a long red scratch going from her wrist up to her elbow.  I asked her how she  had done it, she replied. Joe done it.  I asked her who Joe was and she said he is my friend ,he comes to play with me.

          So at that moment in time I thought it was an imaginary friend. I asked Danielle where Joe was and why he hurt her. She said he is standing next to you  Mummy, and he said he was sorry for hurting me, so I said ok then and left it at that.

          Then it gradually got worse as things was ongoing with Joe. like light bulbs blowing but coming back on.  Danielle and her brother Luke was playing in the bedroom with their toys and Luke ran down the stairs with Danielle very frightened saying the teddy bear had lifted up off the top bunk of the bed and fell to the floor. 

          Then we moved from Maidstone to Whitstable and it got worse still.  He used to hit her and mark her saying to her that she should kill herself so that she could be with him. He used to go to school with her and tell her where me and her Nan had been going during the day.  My young son Wayne was upstairs getting ready for school, then he ran downstairs screaming, Nanny I just saw a white flash going  along the landing into Mummy's bedroom.  So we asked Danielle what's upstairs and she replied, it is Joe's Uncle with red flashing lights around him. Danielle also said that Joe had told her that he didn't like his Uncle. So that night the family all slept downstairs.

          We were driving along the M2 motorway and Danielle said Joe's here with us. So Nan said, ask Joe to touch me so I know  he is here. Then at one point while we were driving Joe tapped her Nan hard on the shoulder and frightened the life out of her. Then he touched me on my shoulder and left finger marks which disappeared within minutes which was scary.

          He kept turning the radio off when he didn't like a song  This really drained Danielle because he seemed to be with her all the time. So I moved from Whitstable back to Maidstone and Joe  followed us again.  So we had to get in touch with a Spiritualist.  She told us she had to bless Danielle to pass Joe over. 

          One evening Danielle and myself were in the bath and she was sitting width ways staring at the shower gel bottle which was on the rim of the bath against the wall. I, for some reason ,followed her eyes to the shower gel and it moved forward then back instead of falling into the bath. Danielle looked at me and said,  are you OK Mummy?  I replied yes Danielle. I got out of the bath a bit fast and went downstairs to tell my Mum. But we didn't know what could have caused this.

           So me, my mum and Danielle went to my sisters house before we took her to be blessed.  At that point Danielle was playing on the floor with some tiddlywinks.. The counters went up in the air and then back down again which Danielle and my mum had noticed. Then Danielle screamed and jumped up off the floor. She then ran over to her Nan and said to us all in the living room that she saw a white flash and blue eyes under the table and at that point my Mum and sisters legs went very cold.  So they took Danielle in the car to see the Spiritualist. 

This is the white light that was found behind Danielle on a picture taken with a 35mm camera.  The only editing I have done is to blank out Danielle's face to hide her identity

          While in the car Danielle said, Nanny,  I've got no room in the back here.  Nanny asked her why and she said Joe and his parents and brother and sister were in the car with us and Danielle had to hold the baby. 

          They arrived at the Spiritualist's house and done the blessing but when Danielle was asked to sit on the special chair she couldn't because Joe wouldn't let her. The Spiritualist said to Joe, move off the chair please  so Danielle can sit there.  She was then able to sit in the special chair. and the Spiritualist managed to send Joe to the light and everything was calm. We was told that there was also an old man and a cat which she had picked up at my sisters house , so she sent them over as well.  So everything was, should I say back to normal, until one day Danielle said HE'S BACK.  I said who and she replied JOE.  So we took her back to the Spiritualist and she had to help Joe back over again. 

          She then told us that the reason why Joe had come back was that if Danielle couldn't see the Spiritualist, as she liked her a lot, because she  was very special to Danielle, that she will blackmail and call Joe back. 

          Then one weekend myself and my mum went to Birmingham for the weekend and my brother had the children for me as the children didn't know where we were going.  When we arrived back home Danielle said to her Nan in the kitchen...I've got a new friend and her names Lucy.  Nan asked where is Lucy from and Danielle said Birmingham!!! and that she always played with Lucy but caused her no harm. She said  Joe sent a message to Lucy, to give to Danielle, that he lied to Danielle about himself and that he was going to hurt Danielle again. So my mum , sister and myself went to a medium meeting and the last message of the evening came to me.  JOE came through with a message saying that he couldn't apologise enough to Danielle and the family with the hurt and pain that he had caused. He said he was happy where he was and that Danielle would do very well at school and that he will look after her and be her spirit guide. 

          From then on everything has been fine and its been like a weight has been lifted off Danielle and myself..  We have now moved up to County. Durham and heard a couple of funny noises but when we ask Danielle is there anyone here, she says no.  We have been told that Danielle is gifted. The only person Danielle opens up to is her Nan.  We have had a tape recording of the blessing with Joe and when we played it you can hear the spirit say SLAG. but if anything else goes on I will keep you informed.

                                                                Thanks Tracey.