Book about me :-)

About me

Book about me :-)



          Throughout this site I will be known as Spirit Re


alms.  The reason for this, is that this is the name that spirit themselves have given me.

          I was born in London, England, in 1961 and have come from a working class environment.  I lived in a terraced house with my parents and my sister. 

Me very young


          I had a regular childhood and my family were not religious in any way or form (apart from giving out presents at Christmas and Easter which can be deemed as a Christian belief).  The thought of Christmas without presents in my opinion is solemn ( sorry Jehovahís ).  As I reached my teens I seemed to have the ability to sense danger before it happened.  For example, whilst sitting in a club drinking with my friends, all of a sudden I had a strong urge to get out of that area, which I did do.  Within minutes of doing so a fight broke out where bottles went flying and glasses were smashed within inches of where I was sitting.

          On another occasion I was all ready to go out on a Friday night and my friends had called for me,  Again I had an overwhelming feeling not to go with them.  They thought I was mad but I stayed with my feeling and stayed in.  In the papers the following day it reported of gang fighting at the place where I was going to go, and somebody had been killed.  One of my friends also got hurt on that night.  Could this be coincidence?  Later years have taught me that there is no such thing as coincidence.

          As I became older, on a number of occasions I was lying in bed and I could clearly hear my name being called.  I would think it was my Dad calling me, but when I asked him what he wanted  he would always deny that he had said anything.  I later discovered  that I was actually hearing voices from the spirit world. 

           I got married at twenty  and still remain so. I have a son and daughter. In the first flat that we lived in, strange things happened.  Examples of these things are: my wifeís jewellery was left on our table before we went to bed and when we got up in the morning it was found on the stairs.  Money would go missing from a jar and then when I rechecked it, I found it had been put back; light bulbs exploded and repaired themselves and doors were slammed shut amongst other things.  When talking to someone, they suggested that I tried using an Ouija board to find out who could be causing this.  Knowing what I know now, I would advise against this method. To cut a long story short, we did find out that these things were being caused by a boy called Eddie.  Now my interest was growing.  I wrote to a well-known medium at the time named Doris Stokes.  She replied advising  me to contact my local spiritualist church for advice.

          I will admit to you  at that  time I was far too afraid to do that.  I didnít like the thought of seeing real ghosts and at that time I would of probably run a mile if I had  seen one.  Now is a different story though and I have seen several ghosts since. I once saw four around my sons cot. I was in the state of between sleep and awake.. I looked and saw people around his cot looking and smiling. One of them was a woman wearing Victorian clothes. She looked at me and smiled.  It was at that point I thought hey how did you all get in here which snapped me back to wide awake and then they were gone. No not my imagination.  On another occasion I was woken to find a lady standing at the bottom of the bed. I was startled and asked what she wanted. She smiled turned to her right and glided towards my wardrobe and faded away. She was in black wearing a bonnet.  Yes these two examples were when I was in bed so you could say you dreamed it  but I know 100% this was not the case. 

          Another example is I was driving on the M25.  I drive a class 1 lorry. On this occasion I wanted to move from the nearside lane to the center lane. Checking my mirror I saw a car overtaking me and just behind him a man on an old motorcycle wearing goggles and what looked like a leather coat. He reminded me of the Biggles character   The car passed and I was waiting for the bike but nothing. I checked all my mirrors but he was nowhere to be seen. I thought he must of pulled in behind me so I changed lanes. I checked my nearside mirror hoping to see him there but he wasn't. There was no exit between these points.  You make your own mind up I know what I think.  It was also the day of the London to Brighton. Maybe he was a ghost from the past taking part. 

          My Father passed over in 1989, and that was really the start of walking the path that I am on today.  I was given a name of a medium, (Sheila Cooper who lived in Erith) who agreed to give me a reading.  I was hoping to hear from my father, which didnít happen.  She told me different things including that I am psychic and should develop my gift.   

          Now at the time, to me, that was what they all said.  I went home and thought about it, and because of my past experiences and my growing interest I decided to give it a try.  I met some wonderful people and just loved the aura of the room that we all worked in.  Now when I first went into the group, after people had meditated, they were asked to talk to the group about what  they had seen.  Everybody seemed to be seeing wonderful things; Unicorns, Egyptian things, bright colours etc.  When it came to me, I told them all I saw was darkness.  Now this certainly knocks your confidence, but because of the way these people were, I wanted to carry on plus I enjoyed there company.

          One day while in Meditation, which we all did by candlelight, I sensed a bright light.  I kept my eyes closed tight until it was time to come back.  When it was my turn to tell them what I had seen, I told them that somebody must have turned the light on because I saw a bright light. I noticed them smiling at one another and then I was told it was the inner light and I had become initiated.  I accepted this, but didn't really understand the true meaning. Then from that day on, I too started to see these wonderful images.  

          The medium was known as the 'mummy'.  She asked us all to write down on paper what we would like to achieve.  I wrote down I would like to become a good medium.  With training and good guidance I ended up achieving my goal.  I would like to thank Sheila for her teaching and placing me on this path.   Mediumship comes with discipline and understanding the difference between your conscious and higher conscious thoughts.  Once that can be understood then it becomes natural.  For example: if I had within my day been talking about televisions and hi fiís, and when working received an image of these things, I would discard them. Now if I received an image of say limping horses, which I knew that no way had I  been thinking of, then that would be important.  This will be explained more  in Mediumship.  

          After a lot of discipline and the study of different things, I had a fledgling night, where I had to go onto a podium and work as a medium.  I was a little shy and had the nervous feeling, but once I got going it just seemed to glide along with little effort.  I learnt other things apart from Mediumship, i.e. TarotPsychometry, Healing and Aura reading  to name a few.  The Mediumship  Psychometry and Tarot are my main traits.

          I carried on with Sheilas group for a while and then noticed that I wasn't looking forward to it as much as I used to,  I had this overwhelming feeling that I was meant to go somewhere else  and it was then that I decided to leave. It was a sad occasion to say the least. I knew I had to change direction. I then joined another group, which lasted a while and then dissipated slowly.  There is always a reason for this happening.  With each change I seem to have moved to greater levels.  There was nothing wrong with the other groups, it was just time for me to move on while the others were happy to remain where they were.  To say that they should have moved on also would be totally wrong.  All I am saying is that when the time came, those groups were not right for me, so I changed my path.  I have learnt to follow my instinct. 

          A great saying is your first thought is spirits, the second is your own.  I try to follow that, which can take some doing and for me it works fine.  I then became part of a closed group with another three people.  It is was very powerful group who shall remain anonymous, although members will have their input on this site. I sat with this group for many years, but as before it was time to change. I honestly did not think that this would happen to this particular group. Everybody would always be there on our meeting nights, then there were illnesses, cancellations and worst of all, no communications with spirit. This we all knew was the signals that it was time for us to part.   We all remain friends and stay in regular contact.  I then had what I call a rest period for nearly two years.  This seems to happen at different points when walking this path as many of you have probably experienced.

          This brings me up to this day.  I now normally work alone on most occasions accept on paranormal investigations where a few friends will come along. The messages given to me for the sitter are much more accurate now. I understand spirit on a higher level.  One lesson I have learnt lately  which I  will pass on is this.  I had been having fantastic validations from spirit. I was even blown away by how accurate they can be. I then had a call from a woman who wanted some proof.  ( she will remain anonymous) She had a medical background and told me she would love to be given proof.  She told me she did not disbelieve, but wanted to experience a message from the other side at first hand which would indeed give her the proof of life after life..  I agreed and felt because of the way the messages had been coming through there should not be a problem,  I sat there and it happened.......... absolutely  nothing. I really hate that and it knocks your confidence. Still you cannot lie and I told her simply there was nothing for her at this time.  She accepted this and I continued to answer questions that she had.

          Now this bugged me, why when everything was going so well  was there absolutely nothing.  So sitting quietly I thought and simply said why did nobody come through.  They answered with no holding back. WE ARE NOT PERFORMING MONKEYS.  I then said at least give me a name of somebody she would know so I could mail her with an explanation. They did and I thanked them. The woman later told me he was her grandfather.  So I came to the conclusion that spirit want to prove that there is life after life and they will come through to allow loved ones to know they are fine and continue to live on another vibration free from earthly ailments.  But at the same time if there are no reasons for a communication  i.e. to help somebody on this level to improve their life or help their sadness heal etc then why should they just for the sake of it.  So always respect spirit and they will respect you.

         I must point out that I do not do this for a living, although I have been told that I should. .  I am against doing this for entertainment because I feel it is such a serious field. It seems to me  that when somebody really needs a message to help them, they will be guided to the correct medium who will help.  There are many charlatans about and I do hate the way they prey on vulnerable people who only want to be reunited with their loved ones. 

         I have looked for chat rooms to do with psychic subjects and found people charging extravagant prices for a reading.  A good reading will give you evidence.  When I say evidence I mean something that only you could know.   Exact detail of an object  or of an event that only you could know. Then you can ask yourself how can that person have known.  Another good piece of advice is that you should never give information out about yourself voluntarily,  Let the medium or whoever is giving the reading do the work.  If they are genuine they will not need to know anything about you.  

         This day and age has a lot of technology.  Without that you wouldnít be reading this.  When going to a show, if asked for your address, try not to give it.  Pick up the tickets personally, Or that piece of information may of been researched without your knowledge.  Then, when your  name is called and you are told wonderful things, which have really been found out about you, it would make you  think this person is great, when really they are only telling you what somebody has researched.  Go to Mediums or psychics, who are recommended by your friends.  I know I am going on a little bit about this but it does really wind me up. 

          I can assure you as far as I have learnt, there is life after life.  I am 100% sure.  Those of you that have visited this site before will notice that it has changed from 99%.  This is because since then I have passed messages on to people I have never met before, which have been so accurate that it leaves no doubts in my mind as to them being communications from the other side.  I  do try to find explanations for different things and do accept that not everything that happens is paranormal.  I know science dismisses  life after life, but they dismissed aura existence once and even thought the earth was flat. They donít anymore because they have the proof of our planet being round and also  they now have Kirlian photography which is used to photograph  the aura.  So now scientists admit that the aura exists because they too can see them clearly. So in the future maybe they will find there proof, or maybe they already have it and are just keeping quite.

        I could of gone into a lot more depth within this site, but it can become really boring.  So I have tried to make this a basic site so that maybe you can stay interested and not get too brain stormed.  To write what I know would take a lifetime to do because each day you gain more knowledge and It would be impossible to catch up.  You can never learn everything in one life.  That is why you have to Reincarnate

          Now if you have made it to the end I congratulate you.  Again thank you for your patience, now you know about me, have a look around and let me know your thoughts.

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