Astral Projection


          In this section I will try to talk about the Astral levels and Astral travel.  Like the rest of the sections in this site, I am going to keep it basic.  Getting too deep can become too complicated and that is not what I want.  Again I can only talk from my own experiences. Most of us Astral travel nightly,  It is just recalling what we have done that can be the problem.  It is also possible to Astral at will. Now the latter I have been trying to do for a while.  I will be truthful with you and tell you that I have not yet managed to totally free myself from my body into my Astral body . I have though managed to disconnect and float up slightly.  I get to that stage and then bam - I am back with a shock.  A lot of you might of experienced that shock when you are laying in bed and then you feel like you are falling and your body jumps. This is your Astral self returning to your body too quickly.

          One of the reasons for this is fear.  I have talked about your normal conscious and higher self in other sections.  Now they tend to battle.  Coming out of your body is not a normal thing in this material world, so you naturally feel fear. This is due to your normal conscious not letting go. Now, while I think of it, there is an important rule which you should learn and remember:   FEAR NOWT ACCEPT FEAR ITSELF .

    For example :

                      Imagine yourself laying in your bed and from downstairs you hear a noise, a banging. Straight away you start to wonder what can that be, you start to strain your ears and feel your heartbeat rise.  Is there somebody in my house?  You want to go and investigate. You might pick up a weapon to defend yourself with.  Still listening,  you creep out of your bedroom.  You start to sweat little as your adrenalin rises.  You move slowly down the stairs and in front of you is the door to the living room from where you can hear this noise. You pluck up the courage to open the door.  As you open it you hold your breath, What do you find?   Well you find that you forgot to lock the window and the wind is blowing it to and fro causing the banging noise.  Wow!  What a relief and you laugh to yourself.   Slowly your heart beat returns to normal. So what have you been frightened of?  How can a window banging frighten you. Well normally it wouldn’t  but you let fear get the better of you . This is how powerful this emotion can be. This is what has to be overcome.

          One of my group can Astral without too much effort.  He told me that he would try to pull me out of my body.  So because I trust him unconditionally, I agreed to try.  He explained that I would feel a pull from my solar plexus chakra, like a sink plunger sucking.  I said I understood and then I started to meditate.  I went quite deep and after a while I could see a pair of sandalled feet standing in front of me.  Then it started; there was this very strong pull from the chakra that I was warned about.  Slowly I felt very light and I had a dizzy feeling, then it seemed like the whole of my body started to move forward quite some distance. At this point I could not feel my breaths' anymore and then that was when fear took over,  Bam -  I jumped and was back from that level.  He then said that if I had  managed to hold on for a second or two more, I could have turned and seen myself sitting in a chair.  It was a fascinating experience and I know one day I will accomplish Astral travel at will.

          I do Astral at other times though and have had recall.  When on the Astral colours are brighter,  There can be strange noises and vibrations.  Also you can move at very high speeds indeed.  Once in the Astral levels you can go anywhere you want and  very fast, in fact the speed of thought itself.

          So what are the Astrals?   Well they are other planes apart from ours ( earth ). There are the lower Astrals, these contain nasty things and if you have had nightmares it is possible that is where you were walking.  Then the middle Astrals are where you can find your relatives which have passed over.  Then of course the upper Astrals.  To get to the uppers you have to really be able to vibrate quickly.  So how can we achieve this?   Again it is having belief and overcoming fear.  Some of you probably can already do this and if you know an easy way to achieve this, could you please contact me. 

          I will now tell you how I try to get to this level.  Firstly you need to find somewhere which is peaceful and you won't be disturbed.  A bed is good but it can be so comfortable that you might fall asleep.  Music can be played and some dim candles in the background if you wish.  Lay on your back with your arms by your side.  You can use part of the Meditation technique to become relaxed.  Now you need to visualise a body of light floating just above you, it is identical in size to yours.  Imagine yourself rising and will yourself to do this, just like the picture shows.



          Your head could feel like it is spinning and your body could feel like it is rocking,  I have experienced both of these.  Now keep on imagining your body lifting into the light body,  After a while you could feel lighter and it seems like you are raising off the bed.  It is at this point that you need to overcome the fear. Let your body rise and become one with the light body.  This will be your vehicle for travelling.  Just let yourself float to wherever it takes you.  If you find yourself floating above yourself looking down, try to hold on to it.  Get used to the sensation.  Gradually your body should float downwards.  Look around you and take in the colours that you will find to be different to what you see on this vibration.  It is said that your Astral self is connected to your physical body by a silver cord ( like what is shown in the above image ), just like a mothers umbilical cord.  This is picking up signals from around you.  Again I have never seen this, although I have never really looked for it.  So if you do manage to get out of your physical body, see if you can see it.  Now if you do manage to get that far then congratulations.  As long as you can keep a cool head you can will yourself to go to different places.  I think it is important to get used to the sensations before travelling too far though.  Once that is accomplished then start on different journeys.  Maybe if people do achieve this then I could post a link from here to another page of stories to show your experiences and how you managed to get on the Astral for others to read. I for one would be. 



Astral Projection 1

          I had stated previously that although I have been on the astral I had yet to project consciously.  Well finally on the morning of 6/9/06 at approx 11.10am I finally managed to project at will.  I have been trying different techniques nightly but would really only feel a vibration change or a snapback as my etheric returned.  I then purchased a book called Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce.  This is a very in depth book taking  you through lots of energy building exercises and exit techniques.  The book is over 500 pages long which  I still have not finished, but I am finally near the end. 

          Well on this morning I woke up with nothing much to do. So I laid there thinking I will try to project.  I laid on my back and tried the rope technique ( I will talk about that later ).  Again I could feel my vibration changing and my body becoming lighter, but then my mind started bringing in outside thoughts which is a no no so another failure.  

           I then remember that Robert Bruce mentioned that depending on how his physical position was for trying to project, it would effect the outcome, I.e. O.B.E or lucid dreaming.  I then thought of how I had experienced projection  in the past and remembered that most were most prominent to me when laying on my right side.  So I decided to give this a go.  I settled on my right hand side with a pillow under my head and started to focus.  I was aware of a rope just in front of me which I held onto with my awareness hands ( a term used in the book).  I then started to pull myself out using hand over hand with each breath.  Slowly I could feel my vibration change and then a dizziness within my head.  I ignored this still pulling on the rope.  A buzzing in my ears could then be heard which I noted but still continued pulling.  I felt myself going up and then my back stopped against something.  Could this be the ceiling I thought but I still had no vision.  I asked for sight within my mind but still nothing.  I continued pulling myself up, then there was a strong vibration and I felt I was heavy and really struggling to move (similar to if you were trying to swim against a heavy tide ).  I found myself moving the same as if you were doing the breast stroke when swimming.  I could only move an inch at a time to begin off with but then it started to become easier and I felt lighter.  I then had a feeling of  a lightness without a body. I  screamed for sight within my mind.  Then just as somebody had turned on a switch there it was.  OMG what a feeling.  I was aware of everything. I started by walking and found myself  at my local shopping center wandering down  the outside part.  I thought I want to fly, it was hard at first but I moved upwards approx 8ft and was floating along looking down then I rose up further.  I could see school children and people walking around as normal.  The feeling of freedom from my physical was amazing.  I then saw a brick pillar and thought I will see if I can go through it.  I flew towards it and entered it.  There was no opposing force just a slight change of vibration.  I studied inside and could see the air pockets of  the bricks.  I came out the other side and rose more into the air.  I tried to spin and did this with ease. Looking  to my left there was  a pigeon flying with me and to my right  somebody else all in black also flying.  I just accepted this.  We did not acknowledge each other.  In front of me there was a big tree and birds perched on the branches.  I started making my way towards this aiming to go over the top of it.  All of a sudden I felt a pulling and the tree started to dissolve in front of me.  It looked like it became pixilated.  The physical was reeling me in so I started to give myself trigger words ( as advised in Astral Dynamics) like, flying, birds, shopping center e.t.c, I then awoke gently, got up and ran down the stairs to jot this down on some paper. I was like a little boy that had just been given his first bike :-).


Astral Projection 2

          This morning 28/5/07 approx 8.50 am I managed another projection.  Although it was short it was different to my first.  I was lying on my bed feeling very relaxed and there was a lovely calm.  I felt a small change in my body vibration and thought I am going to try to project.  This time was different as I didn't have to use the rope technique. I just focused on the section behind my ejna center and remained perfectly still. It didn't take long before I felt my self move off the bed ending up on the floor. There wasn't the buzz or the feeling of swimming in a heavy tide.  This time it was smooth and effortless. 

          I stood up looking around. It just seemed natural. I walked out of the bedroom and went downstairs.  I was thinking about what I should do and realised I wanted to look at myself.  This was interesting in itself.  I walked up to the living room mirror and looked into it. I saw myself, my eyes were bright but the rest of me was different. I knew it was me but not as I would see myself in the physical.  My skin was paler and there were no wrinkles or lines.  It was weird but I just accepted this.  Then I held up my left hand.  That was even weirder.  My fingers were a lot thinner, pale and I guess the only way to describe it would be like an x-ray effect, kind of opaque. 

           Everything was bright and the wonderful feeling of freedom.  I decided to go outside. I remember looking at the washing line and then thinking I want to see my father who had passed over many years ago.  I thought of him, tried to visualise him even thought of his name. Then I heard a loud click which brought me back to my body.  The bedroom door had made the noise due to a draft.  I got straight up and wrote things down but on this occasion I hadn't remembered to use trigger words and the memory's started to fade fast.  It was still fantastic and It was interesting looking at my body double in the Astral.

          I feel to project, well in my case at least you need to empty your mind of any outside thoughts. Then once you start to feel the energy and vibration change  try not to panic and ride through it. It seemed to take a while going through different stages.  I feel this is the shift between the physical and energy body states. Finally once out WOW..  I recommend reading astral dynamics.  A website for this with forums and questions for Robert Bruce can be found at:

          I know there are a lot of projectors out there whom use different techniques, but this site is about my personal experiences that I can only tell you are genuine. So it is possible to Astral Project at will. It only took me 17years LOL. Once I was out there was no fear and I felt at home.  I know I have been doing this all my life it is just so much better to do it from start to finish with full consciousness. The area I went to was is known as the real zone,  This is the closest to the physical. There are much higher Astral realms which is where I would like to visit next. If I manage this I will put it in this section.