Taken from an aura picture


Taken from an aura picture



          This has been written by  a group member.  The following is the way she has read Aura's for many years.  So I hope it gives you an insight into the human Aura.  

          The Aura reflects all changes in our spiritual and physical well being.  This is a very fundamental survey of the human Aura, it is a deep and complex subject with several more layers to be explored.

                          So what is the human Aura ? 

          An Aura is a field of energy surrounding every living thing including flowers, trees and animals, but in this section we will deal with the human Aura.  The human Aura consists of several layers of bodies, if that is the correct term, although I am only going to talk about the first three. They are :

ETHERIC (Physical)

MENTAL (Emotional)

ASTRAL (Spiritual)

    These are followed by three mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

          When linking in with another’s Aura it should be done with the subjects permission ( to do otherwise is in my opinion an intrusion into their personal space and privacy ),  Also it must be viewed non-judgmental, but with tolerance and understanding.  A healthy well balanced Aura should vibrate gently incorporating the colours of the rainbow.  But be aware. what we think and how we act are reflected in our Aura.  The major colours in the etheric physical Aura are in most cases governed by the emotion of our Chakra's. Showing some chakras to be closed could point to perhaps overworking.

           Example : the lack of blue could indicate the lack of ability to communicate easily ( blue being the colour of the throat chakra ). Therefore you should make yourself familiar with the colours of the chakras and their influence.

  Mental Aura.

          How we think so we are, these colours are more subtle and depending on our mental activity, decide how wide and expansive this section of our aura will be.

  Astral Aura

          This really is the most difficult to read, it requires a great deal of patience and experience and in some people it can be impossible to read.  The shape of the aura is also of great importance.  A mishaped,  broken or scarred Aura, especially in the etheric section, could indicate sorrow, heartbreak or shock.  Green in this section  (heart chakra ) could confirm this.  Heavy drug addiction can also be seen in this section or all three sections of the Aura.  It can appear as a fine web that has been punctured with holes of varying size, usually of a dark grey or muddy brown hue.

 Etheric Aura

          This is the easiest to see.  If you look closely at somebody in a dim light, you should see a dim glow surrounding  your physical body.   Physical illness can also be seen in the etheric section of the aura and is usually shown as grey blocks of colour over the affected area.

          Next an easy way to take a quick look at your own Aura.  When dressing and looking into the wardrobe, we often choose a colour to wear but after dressing we sometimes decide to change our mind and choose something different.  Link that item with the relevant  chakra  and you will find that is how you are feeling.  The shade, depth and width of the colour within the Aura is also important.  This can mean slightly different things to different Aura readers.

          Example : a streak or predominance of red in an Aura does not necessarily mean anger,  It could denote a strong will-power, determination etc., but it will always be a positive energy. Remember the more “in balance” the sitter is, the healthier the Aura will appear.

          Here is a very easy exercise you can do to cleanse your Aura. Imagine you are holding a crystal comb, it is vibrating in all of its beauty and colour.  Start at above your crown chakra and comb through down to below your knee. Then do the other side, you can continue to do this several times.

          With regard to the Astral section of the Aura, these subtle colours are different and I have listed below the meaning for me.

  SILVER- live and let live philosophy of life, universal tolerance   of different religions etc.

  COPPER- need to see love in relationships,

  GOLD- seeking perfection, truth is of paramount importance in their relationship with others.

  MAROON- no idle sympathy but a great deal of compassion for people who have suffered, ( healers often have this colour ).

  PINK - universal love.

      Black/white- purity of energy or a degree of free-will to use energy and no come- back.  Black, depending on the position of this colour in the Aura: around the head unable to move forward; across the heart centre, aware of karmic conditions; under feet, past karmic condition.

     Deep black-heavy karma i.e., disabled children, severely disabled adults or a close relative.

  Brown- withdrawal line, means hides behind a fence, no entry.

          At birth our Auras are closely intertwined with our mothers Aura and will stay this way for at least seven years.  This is why it can be so damaging to some children when they have to be separated from their mothers at a young age for long periods. This is also the reason why many mothers feel so lost and sad to leave their child.

          Finally, try to curtail anger, resentment, jealousy etc.  These are destructive, negative energies which will be shown in the Aura. Remember, 'what you were yesterday, so you are today. What you are today so you are tomorrow'.

          Here is something you might find interesting.  There is a process known as  kirlian photography which has been developed so that the Aura can be photographed.  Click on the link below to be shown two photos of the same person at different times, and the readings which were given to that person at the time.


Click here to go to full picture and reading

Click here to go to full picture and reading