This picture is of the same person at a later date, again they didn't want their face to be shown so I have blanked that area.

                       This was the reading given at the time :

Left side ( future )

          The colour on the left side is normally the vibration coming in to your being.  The closer it is to you the sooner it will be felt. A few moments, hours, or as long as a few months.

          Blue is a communicating colour. so you are  a good listener and intuitive listener, able to transform others through loving listening.  It may be a good time to learn.  You can be fairly certain when studying or learning on whatever level.  If it is a ray or guiding light, you are being stimulated to learn about something which is important to your evolution.  Peaceful times are in your future.

Centre ( experience )

          The colour seen over your head is what you experience for yourself  now.  It's the colour that would best describe you.  If the colour is high it could mean aspirations, or what you wish to be.

          Depth of feeling would best describe you.  Blue is the blissful fulfillment of the highest ideals of unity.  It is truth and trust, love and dedication, peace tranquility, contentment, tenderness love, and affection are the qualities most important to you.

Right side ( expression )

          colour on the right side is traditionally the energy being expressed, the vibrational frequency most likely seen or felt by others around you.  Many times, your friends will think that this is the energy that you are made of.  However it is what you are putting out to the world.

           Healing energy being expressed and expression of firmness of constancy, and resistance to change.  Elastic tension.  Possession is regarded as increasing both security and self esteem.  The person putting out this vibration is willing to work.  To gain wealth in terms of education cultural or physical attainments.