Welcome to this section on meditation with the didgeridoo.

 So where do I start?  Well firstly let me tell you a little about the instrument.

      The didgeridoo is thought to be one of the oldest instruments in the world.  As far as I know it originated from Northern Australia where the Aborigines would look for a branch that had been hollowed by termites. They would then smoke out the inside to clean out the termites and add some wax to make a mouthpiece.  According to size, bore and length of the branch, this would determine the key which would be produced from the drone. The didgeridoo is called a Yidaki by the Aboriginal people.  Once the instrument was made the player would go deep into the forest and listen to nature, mimicking the sounds of his surroundings. Birds, animals, winds and running water to name but a few.

     Ok, so why do I feel it is a good instrument to use in your meditation?  Well it produces such a wonderful natural vibration.  In fact it is not dissimilar to the AUM vibration or OM to a degree.  I myself have loved the sound of the didge for as far back as I can remember but it is only the last month that I have actually been learning to play the instrument correctly with help from a great didge player Called Tall Paul who has become a good friend. I met Paul and his wife Maggie while visiting a craft fair and booked a lesson. I have added a page on this site for him, so if you decide that you would like to try yourself, then he has a lot of knowledge and can guide you down the right path.

    There are so many different sounds and rhythms that can be made through a didge, including very low and very high sounds. It is these sounds that you can focus on within your meditation. I personally seem to always go into a much deeper consciousness when listening to a constant rhythm like a train would have made in the days before they became electric.  It is this rhythm I concentrate on and I jump on its wave, which is the only way I can describe it. I am not in any way qualified to tell you how to play a didge but for starters I would advise you to get hold of some didge music on a cd and try for yourself. If you find that it does the same for you then go a step further and try to make your own music.

   Since I have been playing, it has made me much more aware of the sounds of nature. I also look at trees in a different way. Maybe I am using psychometry when I am playing and being unaware I am doing so. You can sit in a nice peaceful place and listen to didge music or play your didge with a slow repeated rhythm, Close your eyes and drift off. I know this works because the other night I did exactly that and focused on what I was playing. I had been going for around 4 minutes and then all I can remember is awaking. Yes I had drifted off and was still playing even though I was that deep.

   The didge can also be used for Healing . One way I know that it is used is for the healer to play the didge with the exit opening placed over the patients body so it can receive the vibration. I am not an authority on this but there are sites which describe exactly how this technique is done. If you don't want to use the instrument in any of the above then just listen to the music that is being produced with them because that in itself is enjoyable.

   Remember if you want to learn or purchase a quality didge all hand made by Paul and of course be given genuine advice then talk to Paul I highly recommend him. Apart from Didgeridoos, he also sells drums, Tibetan singing bowls and tingshaws amongst other things. I have made him a page on my site to try to get him noticed on the net. He is a very hard worker and has taught me a lot.