One of the Sony recorders I use for recording E.V.P


One of the Sony recorders I use for recording E.V.P


                  In this section I am going to concentrate on  E.V.P .  (electronic voice phenomena ).  E.V.P is the recording of spirit voices, or other intelligence as it is also known.  I have been in contact with a few paranormal investigation sites who have been very helpful by giving  me advice on how  to carry out the process in a proper and controlled manner.  Again I am only going to describe exactly what I have done to achieve the results I am putting in this section



                     Lately I have been interested in carrying out  some paranormal investigations.  It is easy for me being a medium to say, look I can see a man, or a light over there and did you hear that, but unfortunately, not everybody can see or hear the things I can.  So I thought how can I at least show somebody something more physical to back up what I am seeing or hearing etc.  So I have been looking at different ways and learning what sort of equipment I would need to carry out this task.  I will expand on that at a later date because i want to concentrate on the E.V.P part. 

                       So what do  you need for the capture of spirit voices.  Quite simply a recording device of some sort.  Again I looked into this and not being too rich, I purchased what I could afford at the time to achieve what I wanted.  You can use a simple tape recorder which I have tried , or a digital recorder. I myself use both. The recorders I use are  a Sony IC recorder icd-87 Dictaphone.  The ic is an abbreviation for integral circuit which has no moving parts, therefore it should over come any problems like the microphone picking up whirring motors but you really need to upload to a pc to save the recordings to free space.  The other recorder I have is a Sony TCM-200DV Dictaphone, this takes normal  size audio tapes.  The advantage with this is you can copy the tapes to give to people if need be. Remember when using the latter always use a new tape otherwise previous recordings could come through giving a false impression of E.V.P

          Now something that you must be careful of for example is the following.  When I have recorded in the past with a tape, I have ended up with a recording containing  what I call tape click,  This is a loose tape and as it  is tightened the microphone can pick up the vibration.  This on playback sounded so much like footsteps but on checking the video playback the clicking could be heard from the recorder itself. This is one reason it is so important not just to accept any noise on the recording which  can sound paranormal etc. 



   White noise method,

               Simply tune a radio  until you can't hear any radio stations.  You should now  just hear a simple shhhhhhhhhhhhh noise.  Then click record  on your recording device close to the radio.  The theory here is that spirit use the white noise to communicate through.  The problem here is that it is possible that the voices you pick up could still be from a distant  radio broadcast.  You can get E.V.P. this way because I have done it, but the next way I have had better success and you don't need to carry extra equipment around with you.


   Simply Record. 

                    As the above heading says just simply record.  You can do this anywhere.  It would be much better if you can find somewhere quite, that would make it easier to find the E.V.P.  Ok so now you have decided where you are going to attempt your recording so what should you do next ?


                     Firstly note what noises are in the background, i.e. children playing, dogs barking the noise of cars going past etc,, basically anything that your recorder could pick up.  You can either write these down or even speak into your recorder mentioning what is around.  Now there are simply two things you can do.  Push record and say you are inviting anybody to speak to you, then ask them to leave their name etc, then walk away for 10 minutes and then return to find what you have recorded.  Or you can sit there and ask specific questions.

  Question examples

  1/ Hello is there anybody that wants to talk to me

  2/  What is your name please

  3/   How old are you

  4/  Where are you from

         ....................... and so on and on simply ask anything that you would do with somebody sitting there opposite you. Remember after each question to wait approximately 30 seconds to allow a reply.  Continue until you have asked all you want . Then afterwards playback the recording and listen to see what you can find.  

                    Once this is done you have to listen carefully to the parts just after the question.  Listen for any little changes that stand out from the standard background, this could be possible E.V.P.   Now what you can do is clean up that recording. You can do this using an editing program.   I use 'cool edit pro'.  I was advised of this way and it seems to work pretty well.

                   Firstly you will need to get your recording onto your pc.  This can be done by connecting a jack lead from the headphone socket of your recorder to the line- in of your pc soundcard. I myself have just plugged it straight into the microphone plug.  Using your editing programme you can then clean it up,  The following way is using 'cool edit pro'.


       Open up 'cool edit'.  Click on the icon under view which is 'create a new wave that is initially blank'.  You will see a window open up and in the bottom left, buttons to record.  Click on the record button and press play on your recorder.  You will see waves of the recording being produced in the programme.  Once that  is complete you can play it back using the play button in the 'cool edit' programme.  If you are happy with what you hear carry on with the next step.  When you look at the wave you will see that it becomes narrower with the standard background noise.  You need to select just a tiny piece of this, say a thumb width. Do this the same as you would highlight font to copy it.  Then click on 'effects/ noise reduction/ get profile from selection'. This will import the part you have just selected. Then just click 'close' not OK.  Now go to edit and select entire wave.  Re-open the 'noise reduction' in effects and now click on OK. This will clean the whole wav.  Now listen to selections within the background waves.  Once you have found a voice, that is possibly spirit. You can delete the other part of the wav by highlighting and then delete.  Once you have got your finished .wav you can click on 'file' then' save as'. You can save as a .wav or even mp3 to save space. 

           One other thing to note is the frequency.  It seems that the human voice produces a frequency from 300hz - 3000hz, so anything outside these frequencys is other intelligence. 


            There are three levels of E.V.P. . (A) is the clearest , and it won't need too much listening to find this type.  (B) is slightly harder and (C) is nearly inaudible but with the training of your ears you will find these.  I like (A) because it is so much easier and obviously clearer.  Below is 3 examples of E.V.P. I myself have recorded and also a recording of spirit rapping in answer to my question.  It is easy for me to say that these are all genuine; all I can say is trust me. These were all done just by turning on my recorder and letting it run.  Remember quite simply that as long as you have silence around you after asking your questions then any voices heard  in the background in your pauses must be E.V.P. 


The recording below is not an EVP


spirit raps

          This recording was taken from a sťance that I was involved in.  You will hear me say I heard a click, which was the  first rap and I ask for another which can be clearly heard.  These raps were coming from upstairs .  Although not an E.V.P.  I thought it would be interesting.




      Here is a story that Tracey sent me about a spirit that was around her 9 year old daughter. He wasn't very nice.  When a Medium was clearing him an E.V.P was captured on tape.

E.V.P examples click on the wav to listen

  I advise when listening to these for the first time to loop the recording and play with the bass turned down. Then close your eyes and concentrate.  It can also improve sound by using headphones.  Some can be quite hard to hear, but after a while you will be able to hear them quite clearly.


slag evp

I would say this is as a class (A)  E.V.P.    

You hear the medium say you are forgiven , then Joe says Slag.  I have cleaned the  background  noise up a little, other than that it is the original recording.

bugger evp

   Here a man can be heard to say  'BUGGER' we

feel you evp

A whisper can be heard saying  'FEEL YOU'

spirit forget me evp    A whisper saying    'SPIRIT FORGET ME'
eileen evp

 AA voice can be heard saying 'EILEEN',  Just before this a member of the group said can you go and talk into the recorder, her name is Eileen.

im doing something evp

  A woman can be heard saying 'IM DOING SOMETHING'. Before this a member of the group was asking if spirit could rap or talk into the recorder to make themselves known.

go away evp

 We were just asking normal questions and we found this voice saying what sounds like GO AWAY.

 One of the group was asking a question and a voice is heard to say MICHAEL. At first we thought it was saying  F*** Off.  But after slowing it down a bit it can be heard.  This is the original speed of the EVP.

jodie evp

 This EVP sounds like it is a boys voice saying JODIE

female evp  I was at my friends house one weekend because they had strange things happening. I did get some spirit through using mediumship but not very satisfactory.  So we tried to catch an EVP. When we played the recorder back we heard this. I ask are you male or female? then afterwards you can hear the reply female in a womans voice. The first part is original recording but on the end I have turned volume up so you can hear the EVP. I recommend using headphones.
dont go evp

When I was visiting friends in America, we sat up one night trying to get spirit communication.  We had finished and I was asking spirit to return to where they had came from. When playing back the recording you can hear, if you listen carefully a man saying  DON'T GO.  The voice can be heard talking with me. It is where I talk for the second time approx 6 seconds into the clip.

no evp

    One of the group is asking if spirit used to work here.  The reply was NO