This section is an input from another group member.  She is an excellent healer and I have been fortunate enough to have felt the healing powers that she holds when I have been ill in the past. These are all her words.

          I would like to tell you about the healing and how I became a healer.  About fourteen years ago I went to a Spiritualist Church and the medium there told me that I would make a very good healer.  I had previously taken my mother who had duodenal ulcers to see a healer called Ted Fricker, who was well known and she had been cured in two visits and my thoughts at the time were that I would really like to be a healer.  So after being told by the medium at the church that I could also be a healer, I joined a group and started my training.  The training lasts for two years and this is essential if you wish to practice on people outside  your own family.  At the end of the training you will receive a Certificate to this effect.   At this time you will also be given a booklet on the Codes of Conduct of the organisation.  The one I joined was the World Federation of Healers.

          It has been said that healing is the highest form of mediumship, this is because most healers work with spirit guides, although there are also faith healers and magnetic healers.  Whatever type of healing is used, universal energy is the source.  As I said before I work with a guide and this means I open myself to be used as a channel for the healing.  Every one of us are healers to a degree, all can learn to perfect this healing gift.  I have been a healer now for ten years, although when I think back I have always been a believer in the healing powers.

          I am a hands on healer, by this I mean I place my hands on the body.  I know that this is not so for all healers, but I have learned from my patients that the warmth they feel brings them comfort as well as healing.  I spent several years just healing family and friends but now I am healing in two Spiritual Churches as well as from home or whenever or wherever the need arises.  Unfortunately, in the main people come to see a healer when they have been told conventional medicine can do no more for them.  I wish both went hand in hand.

          The power of healing is becoming more popular and better understood now, the fear is going, I am glad to say.  To quote Harry Edwards the famous spiritual healer 'from whatever source the healing of the sick is sought, it is clear that spiritual healing is God's gift to all his people, irrespective of religious beliefs or nationality '. Everyone is accepted for healing no- one is turned away.  For even at the latter stages of illness, healing can be of benefit, giving relief from pain and suffering.

           Healing can also be given absently no matter what the distance from the patient.  This is also a very effective method.

           One thing I would say is that healing is not, I repeat not, all powerful; it cannot operate outside the laws of creation, which means if the person asking for healing is meant to pass to the higher life when the healing will not alter this.  So being a healer is not always uplifting, there is also a down side for us as well.

          I feel very privileged to work with my healing guides and I never forget that without them I would be of no help to anyone!  They see all and know all about each patient I work with.

          Anyone who reads this who feels they have a calling to be a healer please pursue it, for it is very rewarding and you are badly needed.