This page contains links that you might find useful.  I will update as and when I discover new ones.  Friends are also sending me links.   So if you know of any other sites that could be of use to others please contact me and I will check them out. Before you leave could you please vote so I can get some idea of what the overall feeling of life after life is...



   I came upon this site while searching for trance Mediumship.  I needed information and mailed the admin.   Within 24 hours I had a reply which was very genuine and helpful.  There is a lot of imformation within this site plus it is ran by genuine people with real information not like a lot of sites giving out bad and wrong advice.


Carin Anderson is a medium in New Zealand who offers spiritual communications. Click on her banner above to visit her site.




The guy at is a talented Designer / Animator who has done a design for me to use for the s.p.s.g. Although this is not a spiritual site I have put this link here as a thank you. Take a visit to see some great animations. Bill is one friendly Guy.



Open minded skeptic, ghost are they real? This site  is well worth a visit.   The webmaster has a honest outlook on this subject.   



Halloween Greetings From

( Reach out to your loved ones with these boo-tiful cards and make their Halloween a real treat.)


BAREFOOT LEATHER  ( Ray is the talented guy who runs this site.  He is a leather crafter and a quality one.  I have purchased items from him.  He will do commissions and also Pagan work. Click on link above for samples.. I personally recommend him I don't think I have ever met anybody as friendly as Ray )
PsychicAndClairvoyant  ( This site has a lot of information on different aspects , which is  worth a visit)
SKEPTIC TEL  ( Now this is a skeptic that I respect and work with. He has an open mind and looks to find any natural causes that could be the reason for possible spirit activity.  His site contains his personal experiences on vigils that he has attended)
Merlins Magickal Supplies ( This is a nice reasonably priced online shop, with a friendly owner )
The Pagan's Path    ( A nice spiritual education site including Shamanism holistic healing plus much more)   ( Free graphics, software and downloads etc )    ( Pagan graphics and Pagan information )
After  ( This site was recommended buy a visitor who has told me it helped with her bereavement so I thought it might help others there is also a messag board to leave any questions you might have )