Meditation is such a wonderful way of freeing yourself from everyday stress from where we live.  It is a way of escaping to anywhere you want to.  There are so many different ways of meditating.  Again I am only going to tell you how I meditate.  It works for me so there is no reason it can't work for you too. There are some wonderful places where you meditate apart from indoors.  Some people are shy about meditating in public.  But once you get over that you can have some lovely experiences.  One place which is full of great energy is the Chalice Gardens which is in Glastonbury.  The entrance stone can be seen by the heading.  There you can walk around and find many places to meditate. It is lovely and quite and full of friendly people that won't just stand there looking at you thinking you are mad.  One of the places within the gardens I liked is the Chalice Well that I took picture of and is shown below.


Chalice Well in the Chalice gardens Glastonbury


          I sat and meditated here and it wasn't long before I could feel such a lovely energy and also spirit walking around that area.  It is so peaceful. If you are ever in the area give it a go.

          Some people meditate with their eyes closed and some with their eyes open. I have done both ways and with practice even with your eyes open your surroundings will disappear. Within this page you will find  a spiritual meditation that you can try .  Some of you might say it is all in my mind and I am mad.  Define what mad is.  I could say that a person wanting to bungee jump is mad, or if somebody wanted to jump out of an airplane on a surfboard, are mad too.  But to them and their circle of friends it is perfectly normal.  What have you got to loose, no money is parting from your hands, so it can only be a good thing can't it ?



          Ok firstly around your body there are Chakras.  These can be termed as psychic centres.  I am not going to go into too much depth about them but you can learn the different colours.  There are a few different thoughts on this but as I keep on telling you and will continue to do so throughout this site, this is how I have learnt.  Usually in the West we use seven Chakras. I know some will say nine but I am going to stick with seven :-P. These all run up the front of your body centrally but also can been seen from behind. A list of these Chakras  is below.





Crown Purple On top of head
Ejna ( third eye ) Midnight Blue Just above eyebrows in centre of forehead
Throat Sky blue Throat
Heart Green Heart
Solar Plexus Yellow Just below rib cage
Spleen Orange Groin 
Base Red Sex area


          There are different ways of opening your Chakras , I will just advise a simple way first.  All you need to do is visualize them as globes running up the centre of your body.  Now we will start a simple meditation including a way of opening your Chakras. Firstly you need somewhere nice and quiet and where you will feel nice and comfortable sitting upright in a chair with both feet firmly on the floor and your hands on your legs.  You can play some nice meditation music and have the room dimly lit by candle light if you prefer.  As long as you feel relaxed it doesnít matter.

          Start by taking in a nice deep breath for 5 seconds, hold for 1 and then slowly exhale for 5 seconds. This will slow down your heart rate and help you to relax. Try to keep the breaths inhaling and exhaling nice and smoothly. Do this for 3 or 4 minutes. Now starting with your base Chakra, on your inward breath imagine a red globe pulsating and as you inhale your breath the Chakra gets brighter and the pulses become stronger.  Try to really visualize the pulsing so that you can nearly feel it in the area you can see.  Then exhale slowly again seeing that globe pulsating and glowing.  Keep that image clear within your mind.  Now with the next inward breath see the second Chakra the spleen, on the inward breath start to see that glow but at the same time you can still visualize the base Chakra glowing below it.  Again exhale, keep on inhaling and exhaling imagining each Chakra pulsating and glowing. It is important to try to feel them moving in the area that you are visualizing.  By the crown Chakra you should see all globes glowing and pulsating down the front of your body as is shown in the chart below. (For those of you who have no visualization, do not be disheartened as the thought is the deed . So do the exercise as best your present ability ),


The Seven Chakra's Chart


          By now you should be nicely relaxed and you will probably find as you carry on your breaths will become quite shallow.  Now we need to raise our conscious level.  Imagine a transparent sphere about two feet above your crown Chakra.  You must try to see it within your minds eye.  It is just hovering above you. Now visualize a nice bright beam of light energy coming down from the sphere and entering your Crown.  See and feel the light as it travels into you head, down your neck, and then through your shoulders.  It is flowing through your veins and as it does, feel it cleanse you and take away all your tiredness.  Feel it going through your arms and shining out through your finger tips.  As it flows down further through the trunk of your body, again feel it cleansing you, it travels lower down through your legs and out of the tips of your toes .  You have now become a light being.  You feel lighter and can feel yourself gradually floating upwards towards the sphere.  As your head enters the sphere you start to feel peace within yourself.  Further up you go and now your shoulders are entering, then your main body and finally your legs.  You are now within this sphere totally protected from any danger.  You are totally relaxed and peaceful.  You start to notice different images floating about.  Just let them float in and out. There is nothing to fear.

          You might see somebody that you used to know, maybe just objects or different coloured lights .  You might just sense or smell different things.  It doesnít matter .  The object of this exercise is to try to show you how you can get away from this level and discover other places.  Stay in this mind state for about 15mins or if at any time during the meditation you start to feel uneasy or uncomfortable, then just return to consciousness. 

          When you are ready to return, allow yourself to sink back down nice and slow.  As you leave the sphere you start to feel heavier. Gradually you sink back down onto your chair.  You might feel a little cold but that is quite normal.  Sit there for a while listening to your breaths, then one by one close each Chakra. Extinguish their lights.  Take your time there, is no rush.  Then open your eyes when you are ready and try to recall what you saw within your sphere.  You may find that while you were in the sphere everything was so clear and you could see every detail.  Now you are back on this level you can't remember.  Well that is quite normal  as you will learn if you decide to carry on  with this path.

          Again I must point out this meditation has worked very effectively for me and a few others who have tried it.  If it didnít for you donít give up hope.  Try a different technique.  You must BELIEVE in what you are seeing though, that is so very important. Once you can achieve this state you are  well on your way to achieving Mediunship levels.  Just remember that the images or senses to take note of are ones that in no way have you been thinking about on that day.  Once you can achieve that state and feel happy about it all you need to do, is once in your sphere, ask for messages.  Ask for people to come and talk to you, donít be surprised if they do.  From that point you will have to learn a language between you and spirit.


Midi "Butterfly" is used with permission and is copyright © 2001   Bruce Deboer