Firstly what do I term as a medium?  A medium is somebody who passes a message from one person to another.  For example,  if I gave you a message to tell your friend and you passed it on, then you would have been the medium.  The only  difference between you and a spiritual medium is he or she is a  person who can receive messages from other planes apart from this one.  A plane is another  level from where we live.  I believe that we all have the capability to achieve this.  It is just understanding the difference between your own thoughts and thoughts or images coming to you from another level ( I will explain that in the Meditation section ).                                       

          There are a few different ways in which a medium can receive messages. The first, and most widely used is mental Mediumship. This is fundamentally the medium raising his consciousness to a much  higher level so that he/she can  receive messages from spirit. Then once this is accomplished the medium can pass on to the sitter what they are seeing feeling or hearing. Another way is Physical Mediumship. A few ways that this is demonstrated is via direct voice, transfiguration and Trance Mediumship. Towards the bottom of this section there is a trance demonstration.  But for now I will talk about Mental Mediumship.


     Clairaudience : Hearing spirit voices
     Clairvoyance  : Seeing symbols & images from spirit
     Clairsentient   : Feeling and sensing spirit


          I can only comment on what I have experienced.  I have heard voices as plain as I would hear yours if you talked to me.  But that is not all the time.  Generally I hear spirit talking through my thoughts. Over the years I have learned to know the difference between my normal thoughts and when they are spirits. I also feel their energy and see images which they send to me.  Now I will attempt to tell you how this is achieved.  Firstly the most important thing is to BELIEVE in what you are doing.  Without that belief you will most certainly fail.  I am not saying do not  question what you are getting, but you must accept that certain things are real and not just your imagination.  To achieve this you must learn to raise your consciousness.  To live on the earth plane you are normally using your basic conscious level.  The subconscious level or higher self, is what we need to tap into to be able to tune into the higher frequency needed to see hear and sense spirit.   Spirit work on a much faster vibration than we do. This is why you can't see them with your earthly senses.  I look at the higher self as a sort of satellite dish rising from my crown Chakra and receiving incoming images etc.  So to get to the faster vibration we must try to match it.


            Example : take  a car shooting past you at 250 mph.  To you it would seem a blur. If you got in another car and went at the same speed it would then become clear again. Nothing has changed except you have matched the speed of the other car.


          So you see this is what we have to achieve, we need to use our higher self to be able to reach the levels which are at a higher vibration.  They will also vibrate a little slower to try to come down to us.  This is when you can see materializations.  They are now vibrating so slow which matches our level so they can appear to you.  So how do we achieve this?   Again I will tell you how I achieve this.  It is a matter of learning to meditate. Everything has came from a thought.  What you are wearing has came from an image or idea within somebody's mind. Within your mind you can go anywhere you want.  These can be termed as dreams and just imagination.  To a degree that is true.  But when you start to get onto higher levels which seem as real as you sitting there reading this, it has gone beyond that.  So if you go to the Meditation link I will tell you how to raise your conscious level and then you can try to receive images yourself. Donít worry if it doesnít happen in a day.  Just BELIEVE that you can do it and it will happen. 


           You were born with the gift, it has just been put away.  Look how many children have what are called imaginary friends.  Why are they not really seeing these friends?  Just because their parents can't see them it doesnít mean they do not exist.  When a dog whistle is blown the dog reacts to it.  Can the human ear hear that frequency?  Most can't,  but it definitely exists doesnít it?  So this is what I am saying, you must believe in existence of other levels.  Then it will be easier to tap into.  Have a go if you are interested, what have you got to lose.  Like I have said before.  I am 99 per cent  sure of higher existence, and it hasnít done me any harm.  In fact it has improved life for me and I have met some wonderful people.      


    Trance Mediumship


        I have been drawn to attempting trance Mediumship and while doing some research I came upon April Crawfords site. She is a deep trance medium. There are three stages of trance. 

Light Trance The medium is totally aware of what is going on
Medium Trance The medium is aware of part of what is going on
Deep Trance The medium is totally unaware of everything going on.

     The Deep Trance state is fundamentally the medium allowing spirit to unite their conscious with the Medium. This then enables the spirit to temporary work the physical body including using the voice to relay messages.  If you click on the image below of April this will take you to her sight where you can connect to videos of her in the trance state with Veronica..



     VERONICA is a nonphysical entity that speaks via April Crawford.  Although April is an "Open" channel who can and does allow many such entities to come through, VERONICA is the primary entity that speaks with most of April Crawford's clients





I purchased this book and after I read it I put a review on Amazon. Below is a copy of what I wrote.

I have just finished reading Parting notes by April  Crawford... WOW. The
 first part of the book opens with a little story about  a girl who loses
 her grandmother, who she was very close to. She is given a  gift that the
 grandmother wished for her to have. This part is fiction, Or is it because
 in reality this book is the gift given to us all. Many people ask the
 question, what is it like to die, is there really life after life.  Well
 what better way to find out than from spirit themselves. I have  worked
 with spirit for approx 17 years as a medium, I have read many books.  But
 none that are really so simple yet shows you the complexity of  life
 itself. Death is just a transition into another vibration. It is true  I
 have had an outer body experience. I personally cannot recommend this book
 enough. Take your time and listen to what is being said within  those
 pages, they are very precious lessons. For all you know one of those
could be from one of your friends or relatives  :-)

    I will finish this page with one of the teachings I had to learn which I am copying from a book that I had to keep while sitting in a development circle.  I think it can sum up what we are trying to achieve.


  Path workings

          Pathways are a journey between this side of the mental worlds and the other side and can be the most exciting journeys that you will ever take, because it offers you a path, a map through the landscapes of your mind.  Landscapes that are yet barely explored and offer one of the last great frontiers.  They are doorways between the known and the physical and the unknown and the spiritual.  They accomplish their work through the medium of the creative imagination which ability is the seed from which everything made and produced by mankind has sprung.

          They can and do cause actual physical effects in the everyday world in which we live which is one of the reasons why they have been held in secret for so long.  Everyone has this ability in some way, but however little you may have, it can be taught. Some of you have a real gift for it, you need above all understanding how it helps you with your life.  It can change your life and lead you gently from this world to another.

          We use this gift everyday of our lives, asleep or awake, knowing or unknowing.  With it we can bring into being things as great as a castle, or as beautiful as a love poem.  Everything is thought about and imagined before it can become reality.  Used by a trained and balanced mind the imagination can literally move a mountain, simply by thought.

          Be careful when you tell your children to stop day dreaming, they are walking paths to greater worlds, worlds of joy and freedom from pain and suffering.  Who knows, they might be helping to create this all for us and who are we to stop the wonder.  When life gets unbearable for whatever reason, how wonderful to escape to another world just for a while.

          When we have problems that seem to difficult to solve in this life, with a short trip to another world, we could return knowing the answers or perhaps feeling stronger than we were and be able to cope again.