A ouija board


A ouija board


          The ouija ( meaning yes yes. oui French and ja German )board must be one of the most tried methods of contacting the other side.  It is simple to use and can be made with just paper with letters on and a wine glass.  It frightens me to think it was sold as a game.  Now what do I think about the use of them.  Well telling you the truth, as I have done throughout this site, I will admit to trying it.  It does work there is no doubt, but I was stupid.

          Now as I have become older and wiser and work with spirit on a much higher level I must warn you basically to  Stay Well Away From It .  Would you rewire your house if you had no electrical experience?  Or would you just leave your front door open for anybody to walk in?

          Using the ouija is doing exactly that.  You really donít have control who enters.  Basically, the strongest entity will take precedence.  Now they can lie to you to gain your trust.  They can pretend to be who they are not.  This is going to be the shortest section of my site.  I will not even attempt to tell you how to use such a tool, because that would be wrong.  There are other ways of communicating with spirit and these are much more controlled.  So to those who thought I would be giving a lesson on the board I am sorry.  There are plenty of people without a conscious willing to do that and I am not one of them.  I cannot stop you from wanting to try I can only advise, that is meÖ.. Honest.


          Since writing this page I have infact changed my views on the ouija board.  I am now of the opinion that the ouija board is really not bad but only a tool which can be used for communication under certain circumstances and in the correct surroundings. If a tool is used incorrectly it can be really dangerous. Just like having a knife in the wrong hands. A knife is a tool but if used to stab somebody it is then deemed a bad thing. If the same knife is used to sharpen a pencil it is then a good thing. The knife is still the same tool though. But in saying that I still advise against the use of ouija if you have not first got experience with Spirit.  It depends on the surroundings you use it also. Fundamentally what I am saying is that spirit on lower vibrations will come through frequently.  They can tell untruths and pretend to be who they are not. They are not all bad but there is always the possibility that you can come across an unwanted guest. So to make sure this is avoided do not temp fate.  I am just sharing with you what I now believe. It is up to you to decide the use of ouija..


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