Paranormal Investigation



                  On this page we will discuss paranormal investigations.  Why should there be a need for this. Well there has always been an interest in the supernatural ghost activity etc.  I myself have had proof but it just doesn't stop there.  Just because something bangs on the ceiling at night or a picture falls of the wall doesn't mean there is a ghost present.  Of course it is a possibility but there could be a simple natural cause at the bottom of this.

              So this is where a paranormal investigator can be called in to try to find the answer to the phenomenon.  They can look to natural answers first and then once these have been covered then and only then could it be genuine activity from the other side.  This is an interest of mine and I am involved with a group that is visiting venues in search of such possibilities.  The only problem with that is that it has all been done before and really it is not a genuine investigation. 

                 What I am looking for is to carry out investigations where people are genuinely frightened by things that they cannot explain. This is when a proper investigation can be carried out because the phenomenon is causing a problem to this dimension. It could be a call for help from the other side or it could be simply a natural cause that the tenant is unaware of. If you have anything along these lines and you would like to find out more please contact me at..  It is all confidential 


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