Paranormal Investigation


          A Paranormal investigation is simply investigating anything that could be caused by the other side.  This can be an organised ghost hunt or maybe  somebody is witnessing  strange  happenings in their house or place of work etc.  

         Normally there would be a team consisting of a psychic, sceptic, tech and whoever would like to attend. Everybody will really be hoping to get proof of paranormal existence, but the sceptic would be trying to explain simple reasons for things that might happen, which , I might add, is a very good thing.

          For example, a door bangs, but this was because somebody opened another door, which caused a draft to move through,  causing the other  door to slam.  So yes, it might make you jump and people will naturally think they have proof, but there is a simple explanation.  So you can't accept every tap, knock, creak or breeze to be Paranormal.

          Due to working with spirit I am 100% sure there is life after life, as I have already mentioned in another section.  Now as a medium I can see spirit and hear them but not everybody can.  So apart from spirit giving them evidence within a message, they might need to see something else  happen with their own eyes to make them believe. It is also something I like to experience myself. So I decided that I would start to go on little investigations. If I get anything interesting I will put them here for you to witness.  I can only state that anything that does appear here is genuine and for you to believe.  I hate setups because that doesn't prove anything. 

          I am not going to disclose where any of the pics or vids came from for one simple reason.  If you look at them  and then you go there yourself,  then a seed will have planted itself in your mind and you will have an expectancy.  It is so much better to go with a blank sheet and see what happens for yourself. If nothing, then fine , if something does happen then celebrate because these are precious moments. Most importantly always give spirit your utmost respect.


          Below are some of the things that we take with us


Gauss Meter

          The Gauss meter is used to pick up Electro Magnetic Fields.  When  spirit draw close they can create enough energy to be read on the meter.  At first you should carry out base checks. If there are electric cables around which are live this will give a reading which you don't want to mistake for spirit. So first check closely what is already in the area you are in.


Laser Thermometer

           Thermometers are used for checking the area temperature. I use a laser type but any will do.  Temperatures can change very quickly. Be careful there isn't an airbrick or crack in a window nearby etc.  They are good to use, if somebody says they are feeling cold then this will show that this is not just their imagination.


Two way radios

          Having two way radios is handy to stay in touch with other groups.  Or if you decide to do a solo vigil you can always stay in touch with the rest of your group.  Also handy if you get lost.


 Motion Detector

          Motion detectors are used to secure an area.  The type in the picture sit opposite each other. The transmitter sends an infrared beam to the receiver.  If this is broken an alarm will sound.  Others send out a signal and if something moves within that area then a siren sounds. Spirit can also play with these because they are an electrical item.



          A camcorder, you all know what these are used for.  It is useful to have one with night shot plus so that you can film in 0 lux, i.e. pitch black. These can show orbs and other anomaly's. Also EVP's have been captured on the audio. 


Digital Camera

          A camera digital or otherwise is always handy.  Anomaly's, orbs and the like can be caught this way. Useful to take pictures of rooms before and after, so if you feel something has moved it can always be checked.


Digital recorder

          A recorder. I use a digital one because there are no moving parts. These can be used for EVP's or to tape sťance's or just to save writing. 

Trigger object

          Trigger objects.  Put these in places where you suspect activity and ask if spirit will move them for you. Place the object on a piece of plain paper and draw around them. When you go back check to see if there has been movement. Set the object up with a cam recording and motion detectors for security. Hopefully if you have had movement it will be on the film. Sometimes you have to run the film on fast forward to see the movement.



          A lot of places can be dark so bring a torch.
sp     Spirit box   The spirit box is basically a radio modernised to scan through channels without stopping, which can be done at different speeds. You can ask questions as it is scanning, just like a EVP session. The nice thing about these is you can get real time live replies. Skeptics say all you are listening to is snippets of radio broadcasts and making these fit to your expectations.  This can be true to a degree. This is basically  the same as when pixilated pictures are shown saying they are of ghosts or showing dust reflections as orbs. Class C Evps can sound different to each of us which I accept. These can be due to lack of experience not that they do not exist period. I would like them to explain how you can clearly hear words or even sentences without mishearing. Especially when EVERYBODY in the room is hearing exactly the same answer to a direct question. 

     A good example of this was when  I was demonstrating how a box works and used a PSB-7 for this session. . As it was scanning and you could hear little snippets I asked a standard question is there anybody here that would like to talk. Straight away there was a yes. Could this of been somebody on the radio saying that at the time I asked a question , yes quite possible but with long odds. I then pointed to my friends tee shirt which had  a word on. I asked if they could see it again there came a yes. Ok another coincidence maybe. So I said tell me what it says. From that box the word was spoken very clearly. You can imagine our faces. Now that in itself is fantastic right but they didn't stop there. The word was being shouted out of that box from several different voices. So tell me how is that possible. These are scanning at milliseconds so not to long on a single station. So for me yes somehow spirit can manipulate and talk directly. The best way to use these is also to record the session also because you can easily miss the replies but it is there for you to return and replay.. 

       These are just some things that we take.  Remember to take plenty of batteries in case any go flat. I have experienced this on a few occasions.  A pad and paper for writing things down, drawing layouts of where you are investigating.  A compass can be useful for marking out directions on any maps you might draw. A first aid kit and food and drink , but I advise against alcohol, remember the spirits don't mix.

          If you want to experience paranormal investigations for yourself there are plenty of websites which advertise events. In saying this I must point out there are some that are not all that they seem.  It is far better to go from recommendation of a friend.

         I have always studied the paranormal, visiting different places with a group of like minded people, but never advertised this. Usually we would attend private houses that would of contacted us with possible paranormal activities. We intend on visiting a lot more sites and anything we find of interest will be put on this section.  If you need any further information then please don't hesitate to contact me.



                       (Spiritrealms Paranormal Study Group). 


          Following are some pics and vids. The more I get that could be of interest, the more you'll get to see.  



If  you click on the picture you will see a video of what happened when I asked for a sign. The clip is very dark but I can assure you the people I work with are all trustworthy, so there is no doubt in my mind that the nail wasn't dropped or thrown by any of them.  Yes it could have fallen from somewhere, but the same thing happened in another room when asking a question, again it was a nail.

    In this video you will see spirit communicating by simply moving a candle flame.  We had this happening most of the night but had not filmed it. We tried to get spirit to move the flame this time with a cam on but nothing was happening. We knew if the flame was still it was for no and  moving was for yes. On this sitting the candle was not moving.  We realised they did not want us filming and simply asked them if this was so. You can see spirit responding by moving the flame to the two questions. This is not one of the group blowing it is genuine. Although  you see this only occur twice it happened constantly throughout the evening.


   We attended an all night vigil and felt energies at a certain spot in the venue.  We decided to set up a cam on motion detect pointing at the area which was most active. Then left the area for 30mins. On returning to the area we found that we had 3 separate pictures and videos that had been recorded.  This would only occur if the cam had picked up movement.  Looking closely at the first snapshot, it looked like something in the center of the picture. We zoomed in and found what looks like a figure. standing there.

    The three pics on the left show what we found. The main pic at the top is the original snapshot, the ones underneath are where we zoomed in and cropped the picture. We added the red tinge to show the figure clearer.  You can make up your own mind to what this might be, it could be just pixels :-)


              I want to say my thoughts on investigations as I now feel.  I have been on many and for myself,  have experienced phenomena which as far as I am concerned has given me proof of life continuing after this plane.  However I now do not pursue this anymore, unless there is a cry for help from a private source.  Let me tell you the reason why.

              I thought alot about visiting these advertised venues which are supposedly haunted and who also charge a lot of money for the experience.

         1/  Spirit cannot be made to do anything so nothing is guaranteed.

         2/  I would not be the first to attend one of these places just one of many that have been there before, probably thousands.. On that point surely if there have been problems or cries for help from spirit, then wouldn't they of been helped to move on already.  I am sure they are not waiting for me.  I can tell you that if I have found spirit asking for help I try my hardest to help them find peace as would any other genuine medium. So therefore the next visitor will not have that privilege. 

          3/  Also I have already had proof as I have mentioned, so why continue. An example of this,, at a sťance....we ask "can you please rap?".. you hear a tap .... you ask again  for this to be repeated just to be sure.  It happens again... so on and so forth. Now from this point what are we achieving. Do we go to see something moved or, a knock and bang  that cannot be explained etc.  that is basically it. Once it has been experienced what is the point on going to another place and another to see the same thing.  Would you continue to go to the cinema to see the same film over and over. You have had your proof but are achieving nothing. There is far more to learn than  this. It is not helping spirit or yourself. So after you have been lucky enough to see or hear things produced from the other side then move on. 

         4/  Another way of looking at it would you like lots of strangers keep on walking through your living room when your watching TV or through your bathroom when your in the shower. I think not. Sometimes this is how it seems to Spirit. 

         5/  On an occasion when our group attended a venue which did have definite activity. I was privileged to have a communication which was very clear. We had physical activity in reply to our questions also, so it was not just me that experienced this.  Spirit actually said " this place is making a mockery of us and we are constantly being disturbed can you please leave us in peace "  We of course thanked them stopped and left immediately.. 

     6/  Finally I admit vigils can be so much fun and a good night out with like minded people which  I do miss.  But I feel RESPECT to the Spirit World is of up most importance and that is why I have made this decision to only go to private houses that have a problem affecting the people living there.  As always this is in my opinion only.