Using Psychometry on a ring


Using Psychometry on a ring


          Psychometry is another way of picking up messages, if that is the right term, from the other side.  Although this isnít really from spirit themselves it is more through a life force.

          Everything and everybody has a life force.  This force carries information about us.  The information can be shown in images or emotions.   So when somebody is doing  Psychometry they are  tapping into information from past, or present ,which is stored within the life force on an object.

          The object can be anything from a walking stick to a piece of jewellery.  Again there is no reason why you canít do this.  Have you in the past picked up something in a boot sale or the like, and put it down because you didnít like the feeling you were getting from it?  If you have experienced that, you have at that time tuned into that force on the object.  It could of belonged to somebody that was a really nasty person, or somebody that could have been murdered in the past.  At the time of feeling the object you felt their emotion which you didnít like.  That is basically all it is.

          Now the best object to have if you wanted to feel from one person, is one that has only ever been worn by them.  The reason for this is that you can pick up on previous forces which could have nothing to do with that person.  Some people will bring you a ring from a relative which has just passed over to the spirit world.  They will ask you to see what you can get from the ring.  Now they can be quite surprised if you start telling them about themselves instead of their relative.  The reason for this is because they probably have put it on their finger before coming to you.  So you see, really you need to have had it wrapped in material or put in an envelope to be able to be a lot more accurate in describing the relative.

          For example, when holding a ring given to you, as soon as it is in your hand, you get a pain in your chest.  Straight away this could be from a person that was suffering with chest problems. You could start feeling like you want to cry.  Again this could have been worn by a person that has been really upset lately.  The thing is to believe in what you are experiencing at the time . Donít put it down to your imagination.  Here is a little exercise you can try.

          First you need to raise your consciousness as described in the meditation section or by any other means that suits you.  Now once you have achieved this, you would be looking for exactly the same as if you were doing mediumship i.e. images, smells and emotions.   Instead of asking for messages, all you will be doing is trying to leave your mind blank, which is much easier said than done and then waiting to see what comes to you.  So first raise your conscious level, then you can have a friend bring you something that belongs to somebody they know.  The reason I say this is because we tend to know a lot about our friends , so that can make it much more difficult.

          Now take the object in your hand and start to explore it with your fingers.  Touch every part of the object and see what you are sensing.  If you donít feel anything from that hand try the other.  Some people put the object to their Ajna centre ( third eye, sixth chakra ) so see if that will work.  Now for example, if you see a TV with a broken screen, say to the person you can see a broken TV.  Do not feel stupid.  You will be surprised when the reply is ďoh my God the person that owns that has just had to buy a TV because their other one has broken!Ē   Even If your friend doesn't know if what  you are saying means anything, get them to write it all down.  They can then go and research with the person who owns the object and then get back to you.  Just think how you will feel when most of what you said is right!  Do not worry if the first time nothing happens.  I have been learning for over 12 years now, and I am still learning. The secret is to BELIEVE  in what you are doing.

          You can practice and get the feel for psychometry by going to antique and secondhand markets and picking up objects, feeling them, holding them and noting the feelings and emotions you experience.

          I hope that the above has guided you in some way.  If it has been of some help I would be interested in receiving your feedback via e-mail.