What is reincarnation?  Basically it is when the soul or spirit leaves a body and then is reborn into another one.  You have heard people say I think I must have been here before, well that is what their comment is directed to.  So why are we reincarnated?

          I believe it is so the soul can learn many lessons before it can reach the higher levels.  The souls goal is to become god-like if we want to label it.  It will have achieved  pure unconditional love and peace at the end of  its journey  and to reach this goal it needs to occupy different bodies so that it can learn many lessons from many different lives.  One of the reasons for this is a body doesnít last too long when you think of it.  Two score years and ten as an average.  Well the soul has life for eternity, so the human body will not be able to stay with it for that duration.  So think of it like this:  When your car gets old or it won't start anymore, what do you do?  Well you get rid of it and then go and get another one.  This is what the soul is doing , it resides within a body until it can't go on, i.e. Death.

          Now what happens to the soul?  This subject can get really deep and there is a lot of different opinions on this.  Again as you keep on hearing me say, this is my belief. Death happens in two stages. Once the body has died, the etheric is released and the silver cord which connects the astral bodies to the physical is severed. The etheric which is carrying the soul moves to another vibration but stays close to this one and after a while the etheric which normally gets energie from a living physical body, dies and the soul is finally released.  The soul returns  back to a higher vibration and here it will spend time getting used to how things really are.  What do you mean by that I hear you say.  Well look at the earth plane as a big stage.  Now a stage needs actors and I believe it is you and me and everybody else that plays that role.

          Before the soul is birthed on this plane or moves into a vehicle it has a mapped life.  It is here to learn certain lessons, then once those lessons have been achieved it can then return back to the spirit world again.  The more lessons that can be learnt the more it  can help the soul evolve and reach higher levels.  Now I donít believe there are coincidences.  Things are meant to happen in a way so that the soul can achieve its life goal.   Remember that while we are on this plane we are acting out a role .  Then when we return to the other side we then become ourselves just like an actor in a film, they stop being the character they have been for the last few hours.

           How many times have you decided that you want do something and then something comes your way that is to do with what you have been thinking of.  You say god what a coincidence.  Well no it is not, this has happened for a reason.  It is so that you can complete one of the things that you decided to do before you got here.  It then  just depends on if you take that opportunity at the time or not.  How can reincarnation be proved to us?  Well one of the ways is through having a regression.  This is when a hypnotherapist can get you into a state where you can remember your past lives or some of them.  They can take you back so that you actually feel that you are there.  This can be taped or videoed and shown to you afterwards.  I myself have had a couple of regressions and have brought back information that I just could not of known.

         For example, in one of the regressions I had, I was in Egypt. I was telling the the person who was regressing me all sorts of things.  I could describe what I was wearing and my surroundings.  I hadnít read anything really about Egypt.  When I was being asked questions I could answer them, it was strange.  I was told to look around me and describe what I saw.  I said sand and dust.  What else could I see, was the reply.  I can see the Sphinx I said.  What else, again was the reply.  Nothing, I said. Now I would have thought if I was just using my imagination, the one thing that I would have seen is at least  a pyramid. I couldnít, so I just said no, there is only the Sphinx.

          Well at the end I had all this written down on paper.  It wasnít until about 5 years later I discovered something interesting.  I was watching a programme on TV about Egypt.  It said that they could tell the age of the pyramids due to water- wear and salt.  I am not a scientist, so I can't comment on that and maybe I havenít got it exactly right.  The bottom line is that they found that the Sphinx was a lot older than the pyramids, so therefore it had been built first.  That in itself fascinated me.  I know 100 per cent that I would never have known that.  We could put it down to coincidence I suppose( if you believe there is such a thing ).


   Deja vu

           This is another thing that again can incorporate past lives or reincarnation.  There is an explanation for this that is quite feasible though.  I have touched on the higher self within other sections of this site.  The higher self is the real you.  It is watching over the lower part of us, sending us messages and guidance from other levels.  It is just up to us to act on them.  Now the explanation for thinking you have been to a place before is this.  As you walk into a room, your higher self notes your surroundings a lot faster than the lower.  So within your mind you have a kind of snapshot of your surroundings.  Your normal conscious then sees the same,  It then fools you into thinking that you have been there before, because you have distant memories. All it has in fact done is tap into your higher self and seen this snapshot.  Does this make sense to you?  This subject can carry on and on and we can have many discussions and different opinions on it.  This is just my way of understanding and voicing my opinion.  I welcome yours as well, you know what to do, just send me a mail.