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          Welcome to the tarot section.  This subject can get really deep and cause a brain overload, so as with most of my site I intend to keep it nice and simple.  So, what is the tarot?   Basically they are a deck of cards with pictures that tell a story which is the lifeís journey.  Depending on how the cards are laid is how you determine the reading.  Now that is basic isnít it?   I am going to tell you the way I was taught to read the tarot cards, which works superbly.  I have been reading tarot for over 12 years and have found the readings to be very accurate.  Firstly ,how old are the tarot? Nobody really knows, but I think the earliest that anybody has found is in the mid fifteenth century in Europe.

          There are lots of different designs of decks.  The important thing is to choose a deck that you are drawn to.  It is better to choose a deck yourself rather than have them bought for you as a present.  So that would be the first thing to do.  So now you have a Tarot set, what do you do next?  Well you must not let friends play with them . You need them to be an extension of your life force.  Sleep with them and carry them with you.  Normally your cards would come with a book which will teach you about them.  It will tell you that there are 78 cards in all, 22 being the major Arcana and the other 56 being the minor Arcana.  The minor Arcana is four sets of different suited cards, similar to a normal deck of cards, but instead of spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds we have Pentacles, Wands, Cups and Swords.   Each of those symbols mean the following to me:


Pentacle  -


 Cups   Ė 

Wands   Ė     Energy
Swords   -     Protection

          Now if I start trying to tell  you what these sets mean, then we will be here for a very long time.  So the following is how I learnt by a very good reader, and I havenít looked back since.  While I was sitting in a circle I was learning all different subjects. Then it was the turn of the tarot.   Even when I was very young and saw my first pack I was drawn to them in some way.  So this was going to be fascinating for me.  We were instructed to go and buy a pack and get to know the cards.  I was attracted to the Mythic pack.  They are quite big cards but I find them easy to read.  I got them home and laid them out.  They came with a book which I started reading.  So I began.  I followed the books instructions and laid the deck in what is known as the Celtic cross which I have given as an example below.


Celtic cross spread


          I turned over  the first card, but it didnít really mean anything to me, then the next card  and so on until  I had my spread.  I picked up the book and from that I got my reading.  I sat and read about the major Arcana, I then followed that by trying to learn about the minor.  Now I was armed and was looking forward to our next meeting.  There was a lady there that knew me who read the tarot really well.  She knew me mainly by my mediumship skills, we got talking and I told her I was trying to learn the tarot.  So she said do her a reading.  Now that is when you get a little nervous, but off I went.  I pointed out I hadnít had them long and was using the book as a guide.  That was it, she got the book and threw it across the room.  She looked at me and said you donít need it.  She said I have to read the cards myself, although learning the major Arcana would be a good idea.  I was confused and then she pointed out the reason why, which now I fully understand and fully agree with her.

          By following a book you are only reading the way that the author does.  If this isnít true then you could go and buy any tarot book and read it and it should be the same. In fact if we all did that then all the readings would be the same.  I feel maybe there is some disagreement here, but that is my opinion and I am sticking to it.  She continued to teach me a way that I will pass on.  It works, and very well at that.  Learn the Major Arcana first.  Then you can try the following to read the tarot.

          Get the minor cards and have them face up. As you look at the card facing you look to see how it feels, i.e. happy sad etc, then look at the whole card and get an overall picture, then see what part of the card stands out to you.  If you do this right, something in that picture will draw you to it.  You can then lay some cards and get a small reading .  For Example look at this card below the.............



Nine of swords 

          Firstly what do we feel?  Well to me it is a very dark card and this isnít  good.  We see three horrible medusa like creatures stabbing down at somebody.  The main thing that stands out to me is the person is holding their head.  So I would say to the sitter that I feel that they could be having stabbing pains in their head, possibly suffering from migraines.

          Now I admit that is brief and also that is the meaning for me at that time.  To you it could be completely different.  We also have to consider which other cards are with the one we have just looked at.  So lets lay another card after the NINE OF SWORDS.  We turn up the.............


Nine of swords Ten of swords


         Firstly what do we feel?  Well to me it is dark with three creatures which look like Medusaís standing there with a person unconscious on the floor.  So this isnít  good.  I see nine swords down, which again to me isnít a really good sign.   But then I see Justice with her hand up, which to me is saying stop.  Her sword is up which is a form of protection.  Then finally, the part which stands out, is over her shoulder we see a sunrise.  To me that means a brighter future.  So now the reading says.........

          I feel that you are  having stabbing pains in your head possibly suffering from migraines.  This is going to change very shortly.  You will notice that this pain will stop and your future is going to be a lot brighter.                                                                   

 We now lay the last card............


Nine of swords

Ten of swords

Eight of wands


          What do we see?  It is a lovely blue colour which is a good sign.  We notice a rough sea - not so good.  Then there is a boat with eight wands which is a lot of energy and finally, the dolphins are standing out to me.  How does our reading change?  It would  now be to me as follows.............

          I feel that you could be having stabbing pains in your head possibly suffering from migraines.  This is going to change very shortly , you will notice that this pain will stop and your future is going to be a lot brighter.  Although you have been going through a rough time you will find that all this will change by the months of May/ June time and you will feel a lot more healthier and have a lot more energy.  How did I get the months?  Well look at the dolphins, there are two which signifies to me Gemini the twins.

          So you see just with these three cards you can get so much information.  Now wouldnít it be nice if the sitter then turns around to you and says that they have been under the hospital for the past six months because of migraines and that is why they came to you.  Well donít be surprised, because that is how accurate tarot can be.

           It is that simple.  Follow those basic instructions and your reading will build up using as many cards as you like.  If you lay a card and are finding it hard to read, lay another around it, you will find it will support the first.  Remember to take the cards serious, and to first take out time to learn the major Arcana.  That is exactly how I learnt and can assure you, it is very accurate. Have a go and let me know how you do.