The Spirit World



       Welcome to this page on the Spirit World.  This section I am sure will cause controversy.. The following is information I have received from the Spirit World.  This can get really deep and you must get away from looking at this from the human 3 dimensional perspective.  Again this is my opinion but I am sure you will find it interesting.

       So lets start with the Spirit Planes.  These are simply different dimensions which vibrate at a different vibration to our earth plane.  Look at this simply as a ladder and each rung represents a separate plane or existence.  These are inhabited by different spirit energies.  So just as an example lets say the ladder has 7 planes of existence.  The bottom rung would be vibrating the slowest and the top one will be vibrating the quickest.  Some would call this heaven and hell.  I do not believe in the devil and hell.  I do believe in good, bad, positive and negative energy.  Now for argument we will assume that rung number 3 is the earth plane and as you know when you look around you can easily see, feel, hear, taste and smell everything assuming that your body has the standard five senses. . This is because everything on the earth plane is vibrating at the same speed.  Anything above us is vibrating faster and anything below is vibrating slower.  That is the reason you cannot see spirit walking among us unless they slow down their vibration or we raise ours. This is when the sixth sense needs to be used.

       Now I said seven planes as an example but it does not stop there. Within each plane there are many more vibrations..  Look at this as a tower block of flats.  Although it is one building there are many rooms within.  Which I guess as in the bible it says within my house is many mansions.  As I mentioned earlier we live in a 3 dimensional world, above us is 4, 5, 6 dimensional existences plus more and below 1.2 dimensions.  As a rule of thumb going down the vibrations becomes much slower and dense and the colours much more darker.  As we move up the colours become much more vibrant until so bright you could not look at them with your human eyes.  Each dimension which we go to we hopefully learn from.  We learn to solve problems, what is right from wrong and to experience very bad things and of course very good things.  These life lessons the spirit carries in the soul which we can tap into via the higher self. 

        Each one of us would have murdered in the past and been killed.  This is simply for the experience.  You must  realise that the human body is what dies not the spirit. This is the energy that has eternal life or existence.  I will get back to what is spirit later.  So what is the point of all this?  Well it is to learn and experience everything in existence within each dimension and finally become part of the Source.  This can be called heaven nirvana or even kether amongst other labels. 

       A good analogy I use is one that spirit showed me,  Imagine a massive spider with trillions of legs.  The legs are different  lengths.  On the end of each leg is every living thing ie trees animals, humans, plants etc and that is just on the earth plane.  The long legs are the beginning of the spirits journey.  The shorter the leg the shorter the journey you have left.  As we learn and gain experiences from each incarnation ( and this doesn't always have to be on earth ) the shorter the leg becomes until finally it dissolves into the body.  Quite simply the body is the source and as you can see everything is connected from this point.  That means you, me, everything.  Even now as you are reading this we are  connected.  This is the 'oneness' that you might have heard about. 

       Now I bet you imagined a normal earthly spider, now you need to upgrade this to pure energy. The main part being the source and the legs are really you. This is the real you , the higher self or the human consciousness.  This is the real spirit and it is not human as many make out.  it is an intelligent energy that stores everything it has seen, done and experienced etc.   So what is the human body?  This is a complex machine that becomes a host so this energy can accomplish its goal while on this plane. Look at it this way.  A car that is made is put together in different sections until finally all the parts become a car.  It has a battery and ECU which we can call a little life, but it really cannot come alive until the driver gets in and switches it on.  Then after a while of learning what each thing does the driver can make it do different things, that is when the car truly bursts into life and depending on the drivers skill can get the maximum out of this machine. 

       So it is the same with the human body.  A short while before the baby is born  the spirit energy enters and starts to work out what does what to bring this machine. which is its host, alive.  So a bit like a puppet. Now we have a connection from the source via the higher self to the human.  Information can now be downloaded via the higher self to the brain where it is stored. The brain is simply like a big hard drive storing data, this also has a conscious.  So now we can see there is actually two separate consciousnesses, the physical and the sub.  

       Now this is what becomes a personality for the real you, or higher self to use to gain more experiences.  So you are not a human having a spiritual experience you are a spirit having a human experience.  Through years on earth we gain more knowledge to use and take back home with us to the spirit world.  We can also bring traits from past personalities  which we have been in the past to this life to help us succeed or help others depending on what we decided before rebirth.  Have you ever wondered why there are certain things you can naturally do whereas others you just cannot.  This is simply because you have done them in a past life and brought that skill with you. 

       As you can see I am basically talking about our earth experience, so what happens at death?  Well remember it is the human body that dies.  At point of death the spirit which was once connected to the human by a silver cord leaves the body in an etheric body.  This is the closest vibration to the human, which gets its energy from the human body.  Once it leaves, the silver cord is disconnected allowing the real you to move onto the ethereal vibration.  Now because this body cannot get energy anymore, that too finally dies releasing the pure spirit.  It is at that point you return to the vibration that you have reached through previous life incarnations or even a higher vibration due to the way you dealt with your latest life incarnation.  Now you have total free will.  So do we remain the same as the human who we have just left?  Well the truth is only if you want to although it will not be the same.  Firstly we don't  need a body why would we? I have already mentioned we are an intelligent energy. 

       So why is it that mediums always describe seeing the spirit as they were whilst here?  Quite simply it is because everything is done through thought and visualisation within the spirit world.  What actually happens is the spirit finds a medium that they can communicate with through matching the vibration and communicating telepathically.  The spirit will communicate using symbols, speaking with thoughts and visualising how they think they looked on earth just so you can recognise them, that is the only reason. Yes they can materialise but that is much more rare.  They do not need a body, they are not your Mum, Dad, Sister, Son etc not anymore. They were just the consciousness that operated the machine to mate with another machine to make your host. As soon as they return to the spirit world they become their true self once again free from human emotions but will still have a connection to you as we all have anyway.  Then they can decide to show evidence of life after life so that it can help you through the loss to continue. 

      I warned you it would get controversial.  So for example, unfortunately a baby passes to the spirit world at 6 months old.  Obviously the family will be distraught. This loss stays with them until one day a medium tells the mother they have a little girl that is coming through that went over early.  They say that the baby is being brought up in the spirit world and is being looked after by Grandma and Grandpa who are showing themselves with her to the medium also.  This in itself provides evidence of the loss and releases a lot of the pain the mother is feeling knowing her little girl is ok. 

      But ask yourself this.  Why would that be the case?  If a spirit has many reincarnations and as we know it is an intelligent energy, why would it return to the spirit world as a baby in human form?  It would pass over and finally become its pure self.  Yes it would continue to learn on the vibration it is at, but not as a baby, there is no point.  What the spirits are actually doing is getting together with other spirits that had an incarnation  with and connected to the mum ie grandparents and they will then transmit this to the medium to pass on to the mum to allow her to heal and get on with her life. Just think about it for a moment.  If this is not the case all we have is another human world of spirits that have passed staying exactly as they were on earth not getting old or learning anything more so what is the point? 

       So the above is the fundamental way spirit learns and moves on. We cannot just accept that humans are the super race and that is it. We are nothing of the sort.  There is much higher intelligence and when you are using a host a lot of your intelligence from the real you is filtered out otherwise you would not be here and would probably know much of the answers.  While in your host you are at a much slower vibration until death when you are free once again.  Also when  in this incarnation you can fall into disconnecting with your higher self and become too involved in the material world and loosing what is your true goal.  Depending on how far up the ladder you are, will control if you get the calling back to the correct path which is accomplished through constantly connecting with your higher self through meditation and just knowing there is more to life than what one is led to believe it is part of you. 

       I mentioned that spirit communicate using visualisation.  This is in fact how spirit create what they need.  They just will it, visualise it and it materialises where they are.  Like I said you have free will and if you want to recreate what you had on the earth plane you can do so.  It is only when you want to move on you can.  Nobody can make you do things you don't want to. There are guides and masters that can help you because we do carry on learning even in the spirit world.  A guide can be somebody that volunteers to guide either other spirits whether in their realm or other vibrations.  A master is a spirit that has had many incarnations, learned many lessons and is usually of a much higher vibration.  In fact you could have been a guide when you were last back home, or even now a guide in the guise of a teacher.

       Everything is not peace and angels.  Like here there is evil and negative entities normally patrolling around the lower planes.  There isn't anything to stop them moving up the ladder but they choose to remain where they are until they choose to move on.  We have all probably been there in the past.  We always say that we're on the physical vibration which means the here and now.  What is the physical.  Well the physical is where your consciousness is residing at the time.  So at the moment it is in your human form we are in the physical, when you leave your body tonight while sleeping where ever you are at the time will become the physical for that time until your return here.

       All of the above is just a little glimpse of what you are all a part of and will be fully aware of when returning to the Spirit World,.  Actually we are already part of the Spirit World here on earth, remember we are just another vibration within the whole oneness.  This is my opinion through my own experiences and it is up to you to follow your own beliefs...


     Love and light Alan /|\